fellini Federico Fellini / The Book of Dreams

In 2007, Rizzoli International chose Maines to translate the personal diaries of the great Italian filmmaker, Federico Fellini. The resulting book was eventually published in fourteen different languages and earned rave reviews, including special mention in The New Yorker.

Immagine 1 Tullio Kezich / Federico Fellini the Films

In 2008, Rizzoli and the Fondazione Fellini called upon Maines once again, this time to translate and edit late Italian film critic Tullio Kezich’s definitive work on Federico Fellini’s films and career.

Umberto Eco / On Ugliness

In 2006 and 2007, Maines translated a portion of Umberto Eco’s latest book, On Ugliness, the companion volume to Eco’s History of Beauty (2004). Translation was conducted in collaboration with Alastair McEwen, Eco’s trusted translator for more than two decades.

Fallaci_Force_of_Reason_01 Oriana Fallaci / The Force of Reason

In 2005, continuing his collaboration with Fallaci, Maines translated this book of essays for the US market. The Force of Reason is the author’s follow-up to The Rage and The Pride, an extension of the social critique she developed following the events of 9/11.

Fallaci_TheRageAndThePride_01 Oriana Fallaci / The Rage and The Pride

In 2001 and 2002, following terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, Maines collaborated directly with Fallaci on a US version of her bestselling work of social commentary. Although the author insisted on maintaining her own Italian linguistic idiosyncrasies in the English version, the book is faithful to Fallaci’s searing, critical view of modern Western society.

Andrea De Carlo / Sea of Truth

In 2007, Maines translated this successful Italian author’s most recent novel, the tale of two brothers – Fabio and Lorenzo Telmari – who are pitted against one another when they inherit documents condemning the Catholic Church.

Immagine 1 Pier Paolo Preti / Coeclerici: A Century of Business and Dreams

In 2005, Maines translated this detailed history of one of Italy’s premiere shipping companies, a nonfiction book that highlights the entrepreneurial achievements of the Genovese Clerici family.